On-chain notifications for dApps

Cross-chain, gasless, and easy to integrate

Sender Protocol hero

More than notifications

Communicate with your dApp and protocol users

Flexible, out-of-the-box notifications

Sender Protocol eliminates the need for dApps to build custom solutions for chat and notifications. Whatever the chain, just hook Sender into the right page or destination and set up the trigger conditions

Encrypted on-chain messaging

Use any one of a user's connected identities to encrypt and decrypt messages between dApps, protocols and chains.

Send the right message to the right user

Likes and mentions on your web3 social dapp, sales on your NFT marketplace, or announcements to the whole userbase -- Ark Protocol links identity across chains to reach users where they are.

Gasless, on-chain and real-time

Sending and receiving notifications with Sender Protocol is executed for free with EXM, a gasless Arweave-based smart contract platform with the ability to store unlimited data on-chain.

Integrates with all EVM chains, and 12 more